Brunch with a Purpose

Brunch, the art of having breakfast and lunch together while discussing goals, challenges and growth with women is an important part of my self-care. Finding time to do things you enjoy may help reduce stress and anxiety, which can lead to adverse health effects. Brunch menus often have options that can accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, halal, and no pork.


My latest brunch adventure took place at The Apparatus Room, housed in an old fire station that was turned into the Detroit Foundation Hotel. The space has cozy leather seats and benches with a country homey feel, mixed with a modern touch. The restaurant’s website describes the space as a place to, “Step away from the Downtown bustle, enjoy a fine meal and the easy taste of an Old Foundation, and relax to the homely chatter of new friends.”


Indeed Carmen McIntosh, Chyrisha Rucker and I celebrated friendship and womanhood.

Brunch 1.jpg

Here are five things we discussed while having brunch:

  1. You matter. Women are often overwhelmed with commitments. We have to intentionally step outside, schedule and  engage in lighthearted activities. Make time for yourself and those who matter to you, or what Chyrisha calls being, “pleasantly selfish.
  2. Explore new places. Part of our brunch adventures is seeking out different places to eat and visit. Carmen says, “Re-explore the gems of your city.” We had our first group brunch at Folk Detroit, a women and minority owned restaurant on small business Saturday. Folk specializes in serving seasonal foods with culturally diverse menu items such as Turmeric Milk, the Vegan Bowl, or the Warm Rice Bowl. Naturally, we ordered almost everything and shared.FolkDetroit2.JPG
  3. Let toxic people go. We all go through fall-outs with people we care for – friends or relationships – which can feel challenging and heartbreaking. Hold onto relationships that honor you and help you grow. Carmen said her dad often reminds her that, “Not everyone is like you.” Carmen said, “If people treat you like you are their acquaintance (after a long friendship), maybe they ought to be just acquaintances.”
  4. Be open to new friendships. If you’re open to change, you may meet people who share your ideals and passions. Chyrisha was recently introduced to a person through a mutual friend, who she hit it off with due to their similarities. She said, sometimes you meet people and it feels like you’re old friends reuniting, while creating a new friendship. Cherish these moments which feel, “good for your soul.”
  5. Celebrate your changes: Every phase of life doesn’t have to be great. Appreciate where you came from, hug the old you, and let go. Move into the spaces that nurture and flourish your talents and aspirations.

Whether you brunch just for fun, or with a purpose, spending time for yourself can go a long way. You may even learn tools to navigate life over coffee, pancakes and berries.

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