Collaboration: Burgers, Shakes and Entrepreneurship

Recently I met up with Tahura Holly, owner of Festive Essentials, a custom jewelry business, at California Burgerz in Hamtramck, Mich., where both of us grew up. Tahura and I have been in touch recently as I embarked on researching creating and building a social media presence professionally. We also discussed the need for collaboration in places like Hamtramck, where there are up-and-coming creative artists doing everything from henna art to event coordination.


Tahura of Festive Essentials said, “Collaboration is building on each other’s strengths while keeping a focus on how I can take the customer service to a new level. Collaboration is a great way to connect with others and build each other up.”


Here are some tips we discussed about collaboration and growing your business on social media.

  1. Research your career path. Find out what other people with your craft are doing. If you’re a writer like me, find out what other writers are posting, and what hashtags they use. For example,, has a guide for hashtags.
  2. Find ways to be inclusive. Plug people in when you have the opportunity. Tahura recently had a pop-up with other local creative artists. This is a growing trend, in which a larger business hosts the smaller businesses. Vendors can share the cost of the venue, or one business can host the others.
  3. Remember your roots. Tahura says people are often surprised to learn she’s from Hamtramck, a small town surrounded by Detroit. She finds it humbling to remember where she came from. For Tahura, keeping in mind the price point that’s comfortable for her community is responsible business, rather than simply profiting from people. Tahura travels throughout India to hand-pick custom jewelry, seeks out sets her customers request and also orders customized pieces upon request.
  4. Build your craft. Once you hone one aspect of your craft, start doing more.
  5. Connect with other entrepreneurs. Like-minded people rub off on each other. Hang out with your business minded crew to get more ideas on how to branch out.

If you’re looking for inspiration, or want to share your skills with your personal or professional community, collaboration is one step to achieving a longer lasting impact.

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