South Asian American Digital Archive Fellowship Project

During the course of nine months, I researched and created 10 oral histories of Bangladeshi women entrepreneurs in Metro Detroit for the South Asian American Digital Archive as a fellow in 2020-2021.

This project was to highlight the sense of entrepreneurship among women who celebrate tradition and culture while finding new ways to create businesses outside the brick-and-mortar business model in the Bangladeshi community.

It was important to do this project due to the lack of stories around minority women in business, who are largely invisible on physical maps due not having permanent business locations, or providing services on-site or online, and sometimes not being accessible for traditional newsmakers to interview.

Read more about my project here:

The oral histories were created into an online exhibit:

These oral histories were also created into a podcast series on Bengalis of New York. Listen to them here:

Bengalis of New York podcasts
Preview of stories

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