Parenting With a Purpose

My youngest child just received two stitches from falling and hitting the corner of a rectangular coffee table. This time around when one of my kids had to get stitches, I didn’t freak out as much. I’ve learned this is as “normal” as it gets in the parenting world.

Earlier this month my oldest child turned nine. I remember the first time looking at him and realizing, this was it, I have become a mother now. There is no turning back.


(Photo: Safina’s Photography)

The journey of parenthood has been a work-in-progress. I am always going back to the sketching board, planner and iPhone calendar to schedule in activities as I ponder on the greater purpose and lessons I hope to teach my children. I am always racing against the clock to figure out what makes sense for my family’s needs. So far, we have Quran classes, swimming classes, karate classes. We attempted soccer this summer with our local mosque youth group.

What I’ve learned over the past nine years, and three kids later, is that there is not one way to be a mother or parent. There are multiple factors in how you parent, such as whether your home is a dual-parent working home, single mother home, extended family home. Are you raising your kids with a particular religious background, culture, and/or lifestyle?


Recently I interviewed six mompreneurs, mothers who are entrepreneurs for Haute Hijab to learn about their journies as mothers and career women. I have also written about things mothers wish to share about parenting with their friends and family.

I encourage people to come together and be that village that raises well-rounded individuals in society.

Take a moment to congratulate a new mother, to share some wisdom with a struggling mother, to share tea with one who’s feeling lonely, bring food over to one who’s busy, to send a nice note to one who’s sad. Connect with others, reach out and be present. Join a Mommy & Me group, like this one. Our individual journeys will come crashing together to affect the future society of tomorrow.


Let’s stick together and work toward a better today!

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