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13 Tips for Surviving When You Work From Home & Your Kids Do Virtual Learning (Haute Hijab)

Start-Up Cofounder, Architect, Content Creator, Mom – The Multi-Hyphenated Layla Shaikley (Haute Hijab)

How the Muslim Debt Collective Works to Help Debt-Strapped Muslims (Haute Hijab)

Muslim Family Services Director says relief aid increased during a pandemic (Yemeni American News)

Metro Detroit teacher-parents’ back-to-school options leave them scrambling and stretched thin (The Blend)

They do weddings for multicultural brides. COVID-19 is disrupting their plans. (Detroit Free Press)

Should We Carry the Mental Load of Others During Stressful (Pandemic) Times? (Haute Hijab)

“Muslim American City”: Dr. Alisa Perkins Explores Hamtramck’s Ethnic and Religious Spaces (Yemeni American News)

Can Qurbani/Udhiya Be Performed Safely In COVID-19 Times? What do Experts Advise? (Haute Hijab)

How Community Organizer Hazel Gomez Works to Build a ‘Madinah’ in Detroit (Haute Hijab)

Yum Village honors Afro-Caribbean heritage, gives back to Detroit communities (Tostada Magazine)

Pandemic, Black Lives Matter movement highlight opportunities for more equity in architecture (Model D)

Hamtramck’s ‘Yemen Mural’ Lives On, For Now (WDET 101.9 FM)

The Yemen Mural’s future came into question in Hamtramck when developers unveiled plans to build in front of it. Community members came together to find a resolution for the business developers to build elsewhere and preserve the mural.

Photo Credit: Nargis Rahman

The mural on Hamtramck’s south end depicts images of people and places in Yemen.

Services are on hold at this Detroit mosque — but their soup kitchen still feeds families of all faiths (Detour Detroit)

Mosques go virtual during a COVID-19 Ramadan (Michigan Radio)

Michigan Muslims are looking for ways to create new norms in Ramadan during the coronavirus pandemic. Listen to what these two mosques are doing to adapt.

Photo Credit: Bushra Azom

Imam Abdul Latif Azom leads prayer at home during Ramadan in COVID.

Metro Detroit’s Halal Restaurants Adjust to Ramadan Service in a Pandemic (EATER)

Muslims Are Redefining Ramadan Traditions Amid COVID-19 (YES Magazine)

When Should Children Start Fasting in Ramadan? (Hint: It’s Not ‘One Size Fits All’) (Haute Hijab)

Balkan House Relies on Döner Kebab Fans to Carry It Through the Pandemic (EATER)

Celebrating Ramadan Under the Shadow of COVID-19 (Featured in Fi2W)

For Ramadan, Muslims Look For Creative Ways to Commune During COVID-19 (featured on WDET)


Amid COVID-19 pandemic, Detroit Bangladeshis, leaders combat misinformation in immigrant communities

The Ultimate List of Ramadan Programs, Lives & Resources to Prepare While Quarantined

How a Need for Connection Led A Mom to Start ICNA Relief’s Mommy League

The Muslim Stories We Need to Hear – Talking with Precious Rasheeda Muhammad

Aisha Al Adawiya on Why We All Must Learn African American (Muslim) History

12 Things You Can Do to Prioritize Your Mental Health

10 Muslim Women Founders and Leaders Making Their Mark!

The South End

Ethnic media to help get complete count in census

Yemeni American News

Boubí: Bangladeshi Businesswoman Creates Vegan Skincare Line to Help Build Confidence

Hamtramck’s Bangladeshi Women Aim to Break Barriers on Mental Health Stigma

Hamtramck Public Schools Alumna Lands Job at NASA

Detroit Chamber of Commerce

Detroit’s Own Co-Working Ecosystem

Model D

Traveling exhibit explores the idea of a Halal Metropolis in Metro Detroit

Food Writing

Feet in Two Worlds/WDET 101.9 FM Fellowship

More Than Just a Restaurant: Bismillah Kabob N Curry Cafe Is A Connection to Detroit’s Bangladeshi Community

The Craft of Cakes, a Unique Expression of Bangladeshi Identity – Fi2W on the Radio

Postcards from Hamtramck: A Shopping Cart to the the World

Diversity Led Me to Becoming a Bangladeshi American Muslim Journalist

Detroit is Delicious – the FI2W Podcast

Eater Detroit

A Refugee Makes a New Home at Detroit’s Best Chocolate Company

How Detroit’s Bangladeshi Community Breaks Fast During Ramadan

This Stretch of Conant Avenue Is a Bangladeshi Feast

Tostada Magazine 

Ramadan in Detroit: The Bangladeshi American fasting experience

Women, Parenting, Social Issues

Haute Hijab

From Nurse to 2019 CNN Top Ten Hero – Meet Detroit’s Najah Bazzy

12 Things You Can Do to Prioritize Your Mental Health

As a Journalist, Here’s Why I Choose to be Visibly Muslim

Blessed Vs. Grateful? Why Your Words Matter on Social Media

Growing Up with Domestic Abuse – Powerful Stories From Women Impacted as Children

Being Muslim in Public School – How Parents Can Effectively Communicate with Teachers

“Marriage and Families – A Multifaceted Landscape” Summer Series (Haute Hijab)

The Single Muslim Mom Life – Understanding the Challenges and Realities

When a Marriage Ends – Navigating a Post-Divorce Life

Happily Ever After (Insha’Allah) Again – Blended Families in Our Muslim Communities

The Family Separation Crisis – What’s Happening & 7 Ways to Help

Tarawih While Parenting – What I Learned after Having Kids

Childhood Suicides in Muslim Communities – A Problem We Cannot Ignore (Part One)

Childhood Suicide Warning Signs and Seeking Help In Our Muslim Communities (Part Two)

Ramadan Prep Vs. Winging It? Either Way We’ve Got You Covered!

Changing Views on Female Islamic Scholarship – Talking with Anse Tamara Gray

10 Muslim Women Bosses Making Their Mark!

10 Muslim Women Revolutionaries in 2018

Returning to Work After Maternity? 10 Tips for a Smooth Transition

Six Amazing Mompreneurs on Business, Family and Chasing Their Dreams

The Challenges Muslim Women Face When Finding A Spouse

What New Moms Need Their Friends + Family To Know

Coping With Domestic Violence & What You Can Do To Help Victims: Part I

Surviving Domestic Violence & A Path To Healing: Part II


What You Should Know About Ramadan

Ramadan Reflections: How I Got The Best of Ramadan with My Children

15 Tips for Parents in Ramadan

Ramadan Prep Vs. Winging It? Either Way We’ve Got You Covered!

Parenting, Bangladeshi Identity

Brown Girl Magazine

Growing up Desi: 5 Things I Wish I Could Tell Desi Parents

Serving Food, Gifts and Spirituality: How My Muslim Family Celebrates the Holidays

Raising my Bangladeshi American Family in Detroit: What a New Mural Means to Us

How to Talk to Your Child About Domestic Violence: 5 Tips for Parents

5 Reasons Why You Need a Mommy Support Group in Your Life

10 Tips for an Expectant Father: How to Stay in the Good Books of Mommy-to-be

Ramadan Reflections: How I Got The Best of Ramadan with My Children

The Muslim Observer

Hamtramck Public Pool Art Space Collecting Jars For Exhibition On American Muslim Youth

Muslim City Councilmen Elected In Hamtramck


Metro Detroit Mommy:

What You Should Know About Ramadan

“A Quiet Space” Mediation Services for Educators, Students, Parents for Children of Special Needs Coming Soon

#HappyPeriod Social Movement Assists Those in Need

The South End, Wayne State University’s Student Newspaper

Paintings and Perceptions


Muslims In Motion Blog

Michigan Lawmaker Represents Diverse Populations, Islam

Muslim American Society Brings Social Activism to Midst of America


Trump Has Made It Harder To Raise My Muslim-American Family

Mentioned in the following publications:

“Muslims in Motion: Islam and National Identity in the Bangladeshi Diaspora

“The Politics of Interdisciplinary Studies” 

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