2020 Highlights

A global pandemic, the #BLM movement, and figuring out create new traditions among the old ones, 2020 has been a roller coaster of emotions. However, like during any obstacle, this year came as an opportunity to create new norms. Here are a few things I’ve covered, participated in and experienced in 2020. Misinformation about COVID:Continue reading “2020 Highlights”

Year in Review 2019

This year has been about finding stories in unsuspected spaces and places. In 2019 I covered stories about food, identity and women. I wrote profile and feature pieces of women of color, including a CNN top 10 hero, a computer scientist who got a job at NASA and a local chocolatier who is a BengaliContinue reading “Year in Review 2019”

Detroit’s Own Co-Working Ecosystem

At the heart of midtown Detroit, Green Garage, a triple bottom line business incubator operating out of a former Model T showroom, is home to approximately 50 businesses and nonprofits. From sustainable food co-ops to nonprofits mobilizing Detroit’s immigrant population, the Green Garage community is diverse. But the businesses share one common thread — aContinue reading “Detroit’s Own Co-Working Ecosystem”

Ingredients: Garlic, Ginger, Onion Pastes

Note: Summertime is all about grilling, cooking and enjoying time with family. For many Bangladeshi homes, it’s the time when people share homecooked meals called dawath, an invitation. I will be sharing some of my favorite foods, as well as highlight ingredients used in common Bangladeshi foods.  Bangladeshi cuisine uses a lot of textured cooking,Continue reading “Ingredients: Garlic, Ginger, Onion Pastes”

Collaboration: Burgers, Shakes and Entrepreneurship

Recently I met up with Tahura Holly, owner of Festive Essentials, a custom jewelry business, at California Burgerz in Hamtramck, Mich., where both of us grew up. Tahura and I have been in touch recently as I embarked on researching creating and building a social media presence professionally. We also discussed the need for collaboration in placesContinue reading “Collaboration: Burgers, Shakes and Entrepreneurship”

Brunch with a Purpose

Brunch, the art of having breakfast and lunch together while discussing goals, challenges and growth with women is an important part of my self-care. Finding time to do things you enjoy may help reduce stress and anxiety, which can lead to adverse health effects. Brunch menus often have options that can accommodate a variety ofContinue reading “Brunch with a Purpose”

Snow Days Are For Family Time

It’s been a rigid freezing week with wind chills making it feel like -27 degrees on some days. People have been warned that being outside for more than 10 minutes could cause frost bite or hypothermia. Everything from federal offices to hospital clinics were closed due to the weather conditions in Michigan. The kids hadContinue reading “Snow Days Are For Family Time”